As an off-road facility we are faced with prejudices and accusations from environmentalists. Just as in many other municipalities and cities where Motocross/Off-road is practiced, HondaPark is also constantly under a watchful eye and in the line of fire.
For all valid or invalid, correct or incorrect arguments against motocross/off-road there are two elements which have value namely, noise levels and pollution.

HondaPark would like to draw your attention to these:

• To be allowed on the circuit there will be a maximum noise level of 98 Db tolerated.
• No form of pollution will be tolerated whatsoever (this goes for the entire terrain!)
• When filling up with gasoline or oil (oil changes), an environmental mat is compulsory. 

The management and co-workers of HondaPark will be strict but fair in making sure these rules are adhered to.

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