HondaPark "we run it for the sport".

Goal: To enable kids to ride for a longer period, on a weekly basis and under supervision of a instructor, in as safe as possible circumstances with an appropriate machine. This forms the basis for competition or recreational Motorsport.

Included: Supervising instructor, maintenance of machine, and with growth of child a change to bigger Honda motorcycle type. Usage of HondaPark motorcycle, circuit, gasoline, normal wear and tear of parts, apparel if necessary, possibility to purchase specific motorcycle at a later stage.

For who: age 8 till 99
Required motorcycle experience: None
Type: Group + individual
Duration: by choice. Basic: 1,5 h per week / 10 to 40 weeks
Price: depends on motor type and total duration of the youth training.



Under the age of 18, permission is necessary from Parents or legal guardians.
- You are obliged to follow 3 individual lessons before
- Minimum ages also depend on the maturity of the child. This means that it may be possible that a child is not yet physically or mentally developed to take part in a specific lesson. In this case it is suggested to wait a time before taking the requested lesson.