HondaPark: "Where motor Life begins"


Since 1972, HondaPark has mainly been at the disposition of motocross enthusiasts.

From mid 2006 there will be a step by step shift of accent of the activities.
HondaPark, instead of being purely a motocross park, will become a Motorcycle Education centre where fun and safety will function as guide.

Motorcycle riding exists in many forms where the different riding styles vary.
Each discipline is different in practice, and it this overlapping of different riding skills that forms the best ‘all round’ safest motorcycle rider.

As the biggest motorcycle constructor, Honda wishes to build on this together.


The facility has the necessary accommodation and instructors to build a bridge to all types of riders and machines.
From absolute beginner to the biggest road fanatic, from ladies to kids and parents, all will be able to improve their riding skills in a safe, enjoyable environment.

Diverse courses will be available to acquire self confidence and control of two
wheel skills. Many a touring rider, circuit racer, every day rider, even the police and instructors has followed off-road initiations at HondaPark in the past years.
All of them, without exception, endorse the fact that by riding the terrain, offers an exceptional value on the road bike.

As opposed to the heavier road bikes, the much lighter off-road machines enable you to feel the impact of weight distribution and handling while steering your machine.

For this reason, there are different gradations of courses available to increase your pleasure and safety in one go.