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HondaPark - Off road

1) Introduction to motorcycle riding: starter’s course

Goal: To learn the basics of riding from starting, changing gears and stopping.
For who: Absolute beginners from 8 to 99 years.
Required motorcycle experience: none necessary
Type of course: Individual training.
Included: Soft character Honda motorcycle, personal instructor.
Duraton: per hour.

A good start is imperative! The correct technique is learnt best from the beginning. Incorrect habits are more difficult to get rid of down the road. 

2) Individual basis training ( pre licence training)

Goal: To learn two-wheel skills in an enjoyable manor so that "Fun" becomes the main point.
For who: Starting motorcycle riders.
Required motorcycle experience: Minimum control over throttle and brakes.
Type of course: Individual training
Included: Soft character Honda motorcycle, personal instructor
Duration: per hour

3) Off-road initiation:

Goal: "Safety" on the road and "Fun" in the sand are the main points here.
For who: For riders who want to discover other motorcycle possibilities which contribute towards self confidence and riding skills
Required motorcycle experience : Anyone who can ride a road motorcycle – off-road experience is not required.
Type of course: In group, or individual on request.
Included: One Honda off-road motorcycle per 2 participants

Honda XR

Duration: 3hours

4) Off road extra

Goal: Further exploration of special off-road situations.
For who: For off and all road riders (or future) that wish to prepare themselves for far journeys or who wish to venture on off-road terrain.
Required motorcycle experience: Good control of the machine, basic techniques of the the off-road initiation already under control.
Type: Group lessons from max .4 pers,) individual on request.( Quite intensive.)
Included: Honda off-road motorcycle, Honda trial or equivalent
Duration: 3 hours

5) Ladies

Goal: Motorcycle riding for ladies on an adapted individual level i.e. With a lighter machine.
For who: Ladies from 14 years.
Required motorcycle experience: None required to experienced.
Type: If absolute beginner then only individual – individual or group provided that basic knowledge is known.
Included: Honda XR 125 or CRF 230 or equivalent.
Duration: per hour individual, in group 3 hours.

6)) Youth MX Packet


All the lessons at HondaPark are given by experienced instructors who have the necessary Training and minimum 20 years of motorcycle experience.

We are an association which has as goal the promotion of Motorsport in the area. HondaPark therefore works with the formula: "Not happy, money back!" Should you not be justifiably satisfied then you don’t have to pay a cent and we will reimburse you.